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[ccp4bb]: CNS to CCP4(MTZ)

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Dear all,

I am not being able to convert a CNS dataset file which contains the
freeRflag to the MTZ format. My CNS file looks like this:

 INDE     0    0    8 IOBS=  1424.400 SIGI=    92.300 FOBS=    37.740
                   SIGMA=     1.240 TEST=         0

fist tried (and some variations):

FORMAT   '(6X,3F5.0,3(6X,F10.3),/,25X,F10.3,15X,X)'

then tried making the input file simpler:

hisD_highres.cv > temp.mtz
FORMAT  '(3F4.0,2F10.1,2F10.2,X)'

this works but the freeRflag is not correct.

Can anyone give me the right format to put on the f2mtz FORMAT keyword
so that I keep the same reflection marked out as the test set?

Thanks a lot, joao.