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[ccp4bb]: X-ray generators

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Dear Sir,
            I have been asked by my former PhD supervisor to try and 
find a buyer (or new homes) for some old x-ray generators which are 
now not being used due to his retirement. Could you please pass on 
this advert to any groups in your department which may be interested.

 X-Ray Generators For Sale (based in Oxford)
2 Elliott-automation rotating anode GX 13 x-ray sets

1 Elliott-automation rotating anode GX 6 x-ray set
1 Hilger x-ray set

One of the GX 13 sets is working, the other is not assembled but may 
be used for spares.
The GX 6 and Hilger sets have not been used for a few years but may 
be useful to someone for spares.

For more information please contact Dr Justyn Regini by e_mail at 

Dr Justyn Regini
Ocular Biophysics Laboratory
Dept. of Optometry and Vision Science
Cardiff University
Redwood Building
King Edward VII Ave
PO BOX 905
Cardiff CF1 3XF
Tel 01222 874374
Mobile 0799 0975062