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[ccp4bb]: NCS averaging

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Dear All,

What is the easiest (or best) way to get a NCS matix out of a phased
map? I got below average MAD-phased map,  and I know
2 Se position. There are 2 monomer per ASU.  I tried FINDNCS ( I also
have 4 very very weak Pt site positons), and the result seems not
very convincing.  From the non-averaged DM map, I can see the solvent
boundary, and I can barely see the two molecules.  I need to
get the correct NCS-mask, or correct NCS matrix. When I put the NCS
matrix I got from FINDNCS in DM, it didn't give me anything better
then I got non-averaged map.
I have also played with MAPROT, MAPMASK, NCSMASK, tried to get a ncs
mask but without success.
Thanks for any help.


PS: Anyone solved MAD with one Se in a 260 A.A. protein?  Any
experience? Thanks.

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