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[ccp4bb]: Detwinning of anomalous signal

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I would like to have my anomalous signal detwinned - which is not possible
in the current version of the "detwin" program. 

The scenario is as follows:
I have native data with twin fraction about 15%.
I have derivative data with twin fraction about 15%.
I have a very good anomalous Patterson from untiwnned derivative data.
I get a usable difference Patterson with untwinned data.
I get a better difference Patterson with detwinned native.

=> therefore I need to untwin my derivative (including the anomalous
signal) as well!

Actually I have nearly the same scenario for a structure that I
already solved (with untwinned derivative SAD phasing!)

Any hints and ideas are welcome!


Dr. Peter Burkhard
Abteilung Strukturbiologie
Klingelbergstr. 70
CH-4056 BASEL, Switzerland

Phone:	++41 61 267 20 91
Fax:	++41 61 267 21 09
E-mail:	Peter.Burkhard@unibas.ch