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Re: [ccp4bb]: translational NCS

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> i will instead mention that in at least 2 cases i have seen such unusual
> 'translation-only' NCS regularize into crystallographic symmetry when
> cryoprotectant was soaked into the mother liquor and the crystals were
> frozen.  so it may be possible that by going back to the lab bench you
> could work your way around these troubles.

I had a case where adding 5% glycerol (I was using 20% as
cryoprotectant) to my crystallization trials not only gave a four
times smaller cell with all translation-only NCS removed - it also
increased resolution from about 2.5 to 1.5A.

The same reduction in unit cell occured when going from 0 to 20%
cryoprotectant using the original crystallization conditions. But the
crystals did show some cracks and were not as good.




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