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Re: [ccp4bb]: Modified Arg

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> I have a 1.7A map with an ARG that appers to have what
> looks like two Methyl groups bonded to the NH1 and NH2
> nitrogens. The protein was expressed in E. coli
> and I have not seen this kind of post-translational modification
> before. Any ideas what it might be?

have a look in Meth. Enz. vol106, which is about posttranslational
modification :
you will find a N,N-dimethylarginine which might corresponds to your
case. The two methyls can be on the same nitrogen atom (N,N-dimethym) or
on the two nitrogens (N,N' dimethyl). Maybe you'll find such a residue
in the PDB, which will spare you the troubles of making an appropriate
dictionnary entry...

hope this helps


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