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[ccp4bb]: NCS and solvent flattening

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Hello all - this is a CNS and NCS question that I hope someone can help 
me with!!

	I have a case of 4 fold NCS and would like to use it during 
density modification and solvent flattening in CNS.  The NCS matrices 
have been identified and I have generated a mask (using the CNS program 
model_mask.inp)of one of the NCS related regions.  However, when I feed 
this into my denstiy modifcation run, the program "pauses" after 
remapping the mask to the current grid:

 XMSKORD: remapping mask to current grid
 XMSKORD: from extent NA=( 120 34 185) NB=( 120 15 141) NC=( 60-115 100)
 XMSKORD:  to extent NA=( 240 67 371) NB=( 240 29 283) NC=( 150-288 251)
 XMSKORD: total # points inside mask 152808 total # points outside
 XMSKORD-WRN: the mask overlaps itself by     .0%

Clearly, there is a problem in that the program does not like the fact 
that the masks overlap by 0%, however the solvent content of my crystal 
is 70%.
Should I try and increase my mask size by including regions of the 
solvent area in my NCS mask??? 


Thank you for any help or suggestions!

Eeva Leinala


		Eeva Leinala 
		Graduate Student 
		Queen's University, Kingston, ON, Canada
		Department of Biochemistry
		Laboratory of Dr. Z. Jia