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[ccp4bb]: Re: your mail

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Break your searching model into two models. Then do MR search for each
of them.  If you use epmr,  search for the 4 copies of domain 1 first. 
Check the packing (symmetry mates) of your solutions.  If it looks 
reasonable, take the solution, do epmr again to search for the 4 copies of 
domain 2. You may experience difficulty to find the 3rd or 4th copy of 
your search domain, try sigmaa in CCP4.  Look at the sigmaa-weighted 2Fo-Fc
and Fo-Fc maps.  You have good chances to locate the missing ones. Along 
the way, always be aware the validation of your solutions ( you expect 8 
solutions) by checking the packing and consistancy with your NCS symmtry 
revealed by self-rotation.  Good luck.

Xiaojing Yang, Ph.D.
The University of Chicago
email. yang@vishnu.uchicago.edu