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[ccp4bb]: Error in Protin

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Hi all

I am trying to solve the structure of a protein molecule that is a
homodimer. There are two molecules (one dimer) per asymmetric unit with a
non-crystallographic two-fold axis.

The protein chain has a break with a few missing residues.  As I do
protin (ccp4 v. 3.5), I get the following error:

	"PROTIN:  Check above for ***ERROR messages"

The error messages are 
1)	"**** ERROR ****
	Atom Name OT   Given for Residue No. 114 is not among those in the
	standard table for the ALA  Group.  ATOM OMITTED." 
	- for both chains

2)	"***ERROR: No atoms used for this Non-crystallographic symmetry"
	- for the second chain.

The questions are:

1) Why do I get the 1st error? I tried both OXT and OT1 card for the 114th
(last residue).  But still the error.

2) I gave the NONX card for NCS restraint but still I get error (2) as

3) Are these errors due to the chain break?  i.e. does it become a
tetramer instead of a dimer?  If yes, do we have to define the NONX
restrain (for NCS) for four chains instead of two now?

Thanks in advance for all help,