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Re: [ccp4bb]: Error in Protin

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> Hi All,
>   This has reference to Bhupesh's Q. on PROTIN.
>   Is REFMAC 5.0 a part of CCP4 distribution's latest version ?  Or should
> we obtain it separately? 

refmac5 is currently only officially on Beta release as announced on this
BB by Garib. it is available from the Univ York ftp site:


(from memory so location might not be accurate)

> I just downloaded the 4.0 version of CCP4
> the other day, at our rate of ~200 bytes/sec connectivity speed (which was
> fun watching downloading through the day...and the evening....and the late
> evening !). I guess the REFMAC there is version 4.x. 

yes version 4.0.1 of ccp4 only has refmac4. There will be another release
of CCP4 probably before the end of the year and this will include Refmac5
and the associated tools in CCP4i.

For those countries that have difficulty ftping from the UK remember we do
have mirror sites in Japan and the US. see the CCP4 home page for details.

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