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Re: [ccp4bb]: maprot...

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It sounds like you are reading the 4.1 documentation (or have the latest
version from here) and an older program. Maprot now accepts both the old
style AVER cards and the new dm format. But only the new format is
documented. If you have the old code, you can only use the old format.
Try finding the copy of the documentation which came with the program.

A calculation with 'MODE BOTH' and 'AVER 1' makes no sense. It will copy
a lump of density out of the cell map, and then copy exactly the same
lump of density back into the same place in the map. I guess you want to
do a MODE FROM with the identity operator, and then a MODE TO with your
other operator.

Neither of these would cause your 'floating invalid' error though. If
that persists, try downlaoding the latest version from here in: