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[ccp4bb]: Problems in ARP/wARP usage.

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Hi, there,

I met a problem in refining MR solutions using wARP.
The situation is, I got a solution from AMoRe and wanted
to refine it a bit in WARP. It seems that WARP does not like
my coordinate input. It complained, 
Subscript out of range on file line 3537, procedure prot1.
Attempt to access the -1-th element of variable irest.
*** Execution Terminated (183) ***
start: end of file -1
apparent state: unit 7 named PROTCOUNTS
Unit 7 is a sequential unformatted external file
*** Execution Terminated (-1) ***

I find nothing wrong around coordinates line 3537. Anybody
knows what else should I do? Thanks a lot in advance.

Songlin Li, Ph.D.
Dept. Microbiology
University of Alabama at Birmingham
AL35294, USA
Email: songlin@credit.cmc.usb.edu