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[ccp4bb]: DM

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Hello,  We have a ~4.0 Ang SeMet MAD map with an asymmetric unit containing
a 40 kDa subunit with a 5-fold NCS arrangement of dimers.  We have
determined both the 2- and 5-fold NCS operators.  What is the best way to
proceed in terms of NCS averaging with DM?  Is it best to use the default DM
mask for averaging (which appears to be the whole au)?  Or is it best to
input a mask covering only a monomer or dimer for respective 10-fold or
5-fold NCS averaging?  Is it best to go with AUTO for cycles or to go with
10 cycles?  Finally, is it ok to simply CAD the current phase estimates onto
3.4 A native data for phase extension in DM, or is a more complicated phase
extension scheme advisable?  Thanks,  Tom Hurley