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Hello all,
 I tried to truncate my .mtz file, but logfile of truncate showed
the following error:

 >>>> CCIF signal CCIF_FOPEN (severity: SEVERE
ERROR/FATAL) <<<< (Raised in ccif_mapfile) Cannot open file
/usr/progs/ccp4-4.0/lib/data/cif_mmdic.lib for reading! 

I looked for  'cif_mmdic.lib' file in $CLIB and $CLIBD, as well as 
in .../ccp4/lib/ccif/data, but couldn't find. Although  
...../ccp4/lib/data/cif_mm.dic is available.

Is this mean that I missed making libraries for CIF while performing 

Please help.

Radha Chauhan
Research fellow
Institute of Microbial Technology
Sector 39A 
Chandigarh 160036
PHONE 0172 695215 EXT 494