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[ccp4bb]: Free-Rflag and NCS

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I have two cases of high-order NCS that we are ready to refine, one 10-fold
and another 12-fold.  

Question 1 - How to assign Free-Rflags that account for the known NCS

Question 2 - What is the "best" way to treat 3.4 A, data in terms of
conversion to F's?  As the resolution is less than optimal for anything that
resembles an accurate Wilson plot, should we use the TRUNCATE NO option and
accept ~4% loss of data (99% complete at this point)?  Another possibility
is to use the MLI option in CNS and import the I's for refinement.  Anyone
have experience using the MLI option under these conditions?  (To forstall
the obvious responses - Yes, we do intend to use NCS-strict).

Best Regards,

Tom Hurley
Indiana University School of Medicine