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[ccp4bb]: REJECT in scalepack2mtz (summary)

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Here a summary of usefule hints to the REJECT problem in scalepack2mtz.

1. This seems to be indeed a bug:
   Raj has fixed this in the source code and sent me an updated version
   of scalepack2mtz (raja@bnl.gov)

2. Kevin (and Eleanor) say that there is no other CCP4 program to exclude
   selected reflections after processing (for some good reasons).

3. Bart Hazes (and Arjan Snijder) suggest using sftools with the following
   SELECT index h = 1
   SELECT index k = 10
   SELECT index l = 10

   Using the following awk-script then gives the expected result which can
   easily be included into an input command file for sftools:

   awk '$7=="30.0000" {printf"SELECT index h = %3s\nSELECT index k =
%3s\nSELECT index l= %3s\nSELECT INVERT\nPURGE\nYES\n",$1,$2,$3}' fft.log

Many thanks for the help,


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