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Special Positions in REFMAC

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Dear CCP4ers !

At the moment I am trying to refine a structure in I222 using REFMAC
in combination with ARPP for water picking. The problem I have with
this is quite simple: ARPP places a water molecule near the origin,
and REFMAC complains about this.

>    ****             Van-Der Waals information              ****
> *** ERROR, distance between two atoms is zero *** 
> Atoms and their coordinates are
> O  11OW0W   .000   .000   .100
> O  11OW0W   .000   .000   .100
>  SYM Operation    2
> Refmac:   Computation HALTED.

Is there a possibility to exclude atoms in special positions in REFMAC
refinement or to prevent ARPP from picking waters there? 

Thanx for your help ...


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