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[ccp4bb]: ccp4-4.1 loggraph problem

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Dear All,

I've compiled ccp4-4.1 successfuly on irix6.4 and linux mandrake 7.2 box.
Tclx8.3/Tk8.2/BLT2.4. However, when I am trying to run loggraph it outputs 
the following messages:

Error in startup script: invalid command name "SaveArray"
    while executing
"SaveArray $taskname $filename $arrayname -save_types"
    (procedure "InitialisePreferences" line 44)
    invoked from within
"InitialisePreferences configure configure"
    (file "/opt/ccp4-4.1/ccp4i/bin/loggraph.tcl" line 52)
    invoked from within
"source [file join $env(CCP4I_TOP) bin loggraph.tcl]
    (file "/opt/ccp4-4.1/ccp4i/bin/loggraph" line 5)

Is anyone experiencing same problems?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Dr Dimitri Y Chirgadze
Research Associate

Crystallography and Biocomputing Unit
Department of Biochemistry
University of Cambridge
Tennis Court Road
Cambridge, CB2 1GA

Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1223 766029/82
e-mail: dima@cryst.bioc.cam.ac.uk