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We seek a motivated Ph.D. scientist who is familiar with collection and
interpretation of X-ray diffraction data and who enjoys collaboration with students 
and postdocs.  The major responsibilities involve upkeep of two R-AXIS diffraction 
data collection systems and installation and upkeep of UNIX, MAC AND NT-based
computer hardware and software to support the macromolecular X-RAY crystallography
 projects of Prof. Thomas Cech and other structural biologists at the University. In
 addition, the applicant will be responsible for planning and initiating
 synchrotron data collection trips, and coordinating in-house data collection
 among several groups.
  There is also the opportunity to spend up to half time on crystallographic research 
in the Cech laboratory.

The starting salary is $45,000 per year, adjustable depending on qualifications and
 experience, plus attractive benefits.  The position is available as early as May 1,
 2001, and must be filled by September.

Applicants should send BY MARCH 15, 2001 a C.V., copies of relevant publications,
and have at least two letters of reference sent separately to

X-ray Lab Manager Search
c/o Alice Sirimarco
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Univ. of Colorado
Boulder, CO  80309-0215