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[ccp4bb]: Warning for CCP4i users

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Dear CCP4i users

An obscure but potentially very damaging (for your data) "feature" in
CCP4i in 4.1.1 (and possibly earlier versions) has been reported to us.
If a user accidentally assigns the output file name for a task to be an
existing directory (for example, by clicking on OK in the file browser
without selecting a file), and then tries to run the task, then CCP4i
will give them the option of deleting the existing "file".

Clicking on OK at this point will result in the deletion of both the
directory and its contents. (Note that if "Abort" is chosen instead
then nothing happens.)

A patched version of the file $CCP4I_TOP/src/runjob.tcl can be obtained
from the CCP4 prerelease area (follow the link from the CCP4 problems
pages or go directly via
ftp://ccp4a.dl.ac.uk/pub/ccp4/prerelease/README.html) which checks
against this situation.

Using this version CCP4i should warn when the output "file" is actually
a directory, and will not give the option to delete it but simply abort
the run.

(Btw the moral here is: please always take care when "OK"ing file
deletions, and if in doubt abort the run and check the file names etc
again before proceeding.)

Best wishes


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CCP4,         ccp4@ccp4.ac.uk  Fax: +44 1925 603825
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