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[ccp4bb]: Metals in PROTIN

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Dear CCP4 colleagues,

I need to add 2 Zn atoms to my refinement. I have read the manual pages
of protin and looked in the protin.dic file, but I am still unable to
succesfully run PROTIN/REFMAC. Can you provide me with an example of the
PROTIN input file and a PDB line for zinc. My PDB is like this:

ATOM   6688 ZN+2 ZN2 I   1      14.996 103.158  21.239  1.00
ATOM   6689 ZN+2 ZN2 I   2      13.661 113.241  67.798  1.00

Thanks, joao.

Joao Alexandre R G Barbosa
National Research Council (NRC)
Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI)
6100 Royalmount Ave.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H4P 2R2

phone : (514) 496-6173
fax   : (514) 496-5143
e-mail: joao@bri.nrc.ca