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[ccp4bb]: error in generate(CNS)

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hi all
could someone help me with a CNS question?

I am runing generate with a PDB from REFMAC5, but a
always get this error mensage:

identity (store1) (&atom_build) 
   if ( &hydrogen_build = "all" ) then 
 %ADDST-ERR: STMAX too small. Check code
     identity (store1) (store1 or hydrogen) 
   elseif ( &hydrogen_build = "unknown" ) then 
     identity (store1) (store1 or (not(known) a

What STMAX means?What should i change?
Thanks in advance!!!

Thiago Rodrigues
Undergraduated Student at the Brazilian Synchrotron LNLS
Protein Crystallography Group
Phone +55(19)2874520 / Fax +55(19)2874632