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[ccp4bb]: P21/P2 space-group ambiguity

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Dear all,

We have the case of a monoclinic crystal with 0k0 systematic extinctions
observed for k comprised between 3 and 15 and b = 70 Angstr. Other 0k0
reflexions have not been recorded. The anomalous pattersons for two
different anomalous scatterers support a P2 rather than a P21 space-group
(all the peaks are in the y=0 section and the y = 0.5 section contains only
weak peaks). Does anybody know well documented examples for which such a
situation has been encountered? It would make us more confident in our
interpretation. Any reference would be well appreciated.

Best Regards

Charles Zelwer

 Charles ZELWER
 Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire
 Equipe de Cristallographie Biologique
 C.N.R.S.,  rue Charles Sadron
 45071 ORLEANS Cedex 2 (France)

phone: +33 2 38 25 78 03
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