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RE: [ccp4bb]: equipment: microscope for crystallization

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> William Wikoff
> Sent: Dienstag, 15. Mai 2001 22:16
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> Subject: [ccp4bb]: equipment: microscope for crystallization
> As the subject of crystallization-related equipment has come up
> recently, does anyone have a recommendation for a stereo microscope
> (non-robotic) for crystallization ?
> Thanks,
> Bill Wikoff

Hi Bill,

we've made very good experiences with Leica stereo microscopes. We use the
8x zoom Leica MZ75 with a 1.0x lens and a 10x ocular which gives a
magnification range between 6.3x-50x (you might consider to buy a 20x
ocular, instead). In addition we have a polarizer and analyser to judge
optical properties of crystals or simply to find them again, scales in the
ocular to measure the crystal size, and a basis that allows for a dark-field
observation (type HL; this is not really neccessary and quite expensive).
Light comes from a cold light source CLS100X with a flexible light
There are interesting alternatives from Nikon, but they are similarily
expensive. I've heard the rumour, that Olympus has also some attractive but
cheaper stereo microscopes, but I don't know their products. I hope that

Good luck,

Dirk Kostrewa.

Dirk Kostrewa
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