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RE: [ccp4bb]: Se-Met and X-ray absorption

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Dear All - 

of course I stuck my foot into my mouth on this one - the calculation
of the spread is wrong 1.0 - 0.0005 is NOT .9005 dah...I had already a
bad feeling - thx to Pierre for actually reading my blurb and 
finding that mistake. Consider that even the Cu natural line width
at 8keV is 2.6 eV which has no practical effect on point spread.....

Bart pointed out that 3rd generation sources fry the crystal dead 
anyhow so why bother - that is true, I was admittedly more thinking
along maximizing weaker sources like small Compton sources (a electron
bunch is 'wiggled' by a laser) which, using the broader bandwidth,
may begin to compare well to synchrotron sources. 

Correction of the same calculation of 0.1% bandwidth spread 
at 1A (1.0005 to 0.9995 <-!) leads to 0.02 deg (0.4 mrad) in 
2theta which is negligible as it should be. So even wider 
bandwidth ranges would be possible for flux gain in the 
scenario I described. Problem solved.

Thx again, BR

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