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Re: [ccp4bb]: Image production: in detail

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Some suggestions are..

>GRASP: Grasp would produce nice .ps files. However, for purpose of
>further processing, such as for labeling charged residues, I have to
>outport it from SGI to Adobe Photoshop in PC.

(1) For adding text inside a .ps format file, you don't need to switch
from Unix platform to windows (for photoshop) in PC. You can use 'xfig' (a
freeware from ftp.x.org)


-Works fine with most Unix platforms (e.g. Linux Red-Hat).
-xfig can also convert .ps to .tiff (and many formats) for labeling.
-xfig is useful in preparing word processing documents using LaTeX.

Well, I am not advertising for xfig.. so, stopping here.

(2) ImageMagick is another good program. I think, most linux RedHat
versions has this program by default. However, for skipping the
installation troubles, use the binaries - available for various platforms.

Check these websites:


I am sure that there will be more suggestions from others. 


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