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Re: [ccp4bb]: ab initio

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I would suggest to simply use the appropriate Greek terminology, after 
I am confident that there must had been at least one obscure Greek 
(they did not get the difference right back then, so these were usually 
hybrid jobs,
only the pay was as bad as today, unless you had a part-time job with 
the military industry
like Aristoteles or Archimedes) that solved the first crystal structure 
and defined the appropriate
terminology for the eons to come.

'Purist' ab initio can be called simply 'Ypologissmos Krystallikis 
Domis Ek Platous
Perithlasomenon Aktinon Monon' while MAD can be simplified as
'Eks Anomalou Skedasmou Pollaplon Mikon Kymmatos Katopin Isomorfou 
Meta Bareos Atomou'.

Apart from the obvious advantages (short, easy to memorize) these would 
help me greatly
next time I have to give a seminar in Greek (...).


PS Sorry for abusing the ccp4bb, but I could not disappoint (G)herard 
after his comment
following the comments of Gérard.