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[ccp4bb]: CCP4 on OS X: Virex breaks fink

[Don't bother reading this unless you use CCP4 on OS X (sorry to everyone else for the spam).]


A number of people have written to me in the last few weeks with problems they are having with the fink package installer mysteriously breaking. It turns out that "the Virex 7.2 package, currently being distributed free to all .Mac members, has a serious conflict with Fink. Fink users should not install Virex 7.2 under any circumstances. Installing it after Fink is installed will damage your Fink installation; installing it prior to Fink will make it impossible to install Fink without damaging Virex." (text from http://fink.sourceforge.net/ )

The virex installer just happens to install (obsolete) libraries into a root directory called /sw, overwriting files you likely have newer versions of:


So in other words, the virex developers got lazy, swiped the fink files, and then their installer over-writes your more up to date versions rather than checking to see which are newer.

To fix this for fink, try

% fink reinstall openssl-shlibs dlcompat-shlibs curl-ssl-shlibs

This might break virex, but I'd rather take my chances with viruses than with companies that write this kind of software.

More details at:


Bill Scott