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[ccp4bb]: Dm/dmmulti and solvent flipping

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Hey folks,

Today has been kind of quiet on the BB so I thought I might throw out a
question which has been bugging me. I've been using dmmulti to do
cross-crystal averaging and I have found it to work very satisfyingly.
The thing that I would like to know is if there is a way to incorporate
solvent flipping into a dmmulti run. It appears that in a really old
version of dm this was an option which has since been lost. The best
answer I've gotten from the locals is that everyone just uses solomon
for that now and so it has been phased out. For my purposes, dmmulti
does a good job with the cross-crystal averaging but if I look to do
simple solvent flattening in dm I get worse maps than a similar setup
using solvent flipping in a different program. Not bad maps, but
certainly worse by appearance. So, can I use solvent flattening with
dmmulti and if not, is there a different reason for why it was taken out
of dm. 

A second point is that I would also like to output the averaged map used
in the dmmulti run prior to the maps being reconstituted into their
respective crystal forms. Anyone know how to do this. Like I said,
dmmulti does work but I'm hoping to be able to extract a bit more info
out of my current phases.



William Clemons, Phd
Research Fellow
Cell Biology Dept. - Harvard Medical School
612-LHRRB, 240 Longwood Ave
Boston, Massachusetts 02115