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[ccp4bb]: Re: [cnsbb] running on a hp zx6000 workstation

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Waste of money. HP wants about 20k for an Itanic last time I checked. Check
out the stats: 

Plus I don't think Linux or M$ has a 64 bit operating system yet so the
Itanic will have to emulate if you want to run a more traditional OS:

Rumors have it that Apple will be shipping G5s with the IBM Power 4 in the
near future. Don't blow your cash on high end computers that will be
obsolete in 1 year. Buy a stack of Pentiums and compile with Intel compilers
and get yourself a new G4 with the money you save. You haven't done
crystallography until you've done it with 2 1.25 GHz processors, 2 17" LCDs
and 20GB of your favorite mp3s playing uninterupted on iTunes. Pure Heaven
for 1/5 the price of an Itanic.

One person's opinion...

On 2/3/03 12:53 PM, "Bhyravbhatla, Balaji"
<balaji.bhyravbhatla@umassmed.edu> wrote:

> Hello All,
> Has anyone used the new Itanium2 based workstations for crystallographic
> computing and/or bio-computing in general?
> If any of you have compared this processor with the regular i386 architecture
> please email 
> me with your thoughts.
> Thanks a lot.
> Balaji