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[ccp4bb]: New xtal handling method?

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Hi all,
       I think I have developed a method for making xtal handling easier and 
if this is old hat to anyone please let me know.

I place a drop of cryo-solution under 40microL of paraffin oil in a 
micro-bridge and loop a xtal into that. Looping the xtal out leaves a thin 
film of oil covering the xtal and this protects the xtal from drying out for 
at least 10 minutes. This eliminates the mad rush to get the xtal in the 
cryo-stream before it dehydrates and makes other xtal handling steps easier.

If anyone is interested in trying this and would like some more detailed 
info please send me an Email.


	Tom Caradoc-Davies
	Biochem Dept
	Univ. Otago
	New Zealand

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