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[ccp4bb]: Se-met protein

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Dear All,
I have to grow selenomethionine derivative protein for MAD collection. I 
have my gene in a pBAD vector and it is arabinose inducible. Unfortunately 
I cannot follow the SeMet incorporation by metabolic inhibition (VanDuyne 
G.D. et. al. (1993) LJM, 229, 105-124) due to the fact that the minimal 
media have glucose as the carbon source, and this will repress the 
expression of the gene from the ara promotor. I can only use the pBAD 
system for my protein. Is there any other way/modification of the above 
protocol that I could grow Se-met protein in the pBAD vector? Any 
suggestions are welcomed.


Konstantinos Beis
Centre for Biomolecular Sciences
University of St Andrews
North Haugh
St Andrews

tel: +44 1334 427265
email: kb11@st-andrews.ac.uk