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Re: [ccp4bb]: Some naive questions about AltiVec

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I'd like to share the following information that I was forwarded by a 
contact at Apple.  It doesn't address the problems people have 
mentioned here regarding the Absoft and VAST compilers/optimizers, 
but the link to CHUD tools (http://developer.apple.com/hardware/ve) 
for assessing performance may be helpful to some.


Apple provides profiling tools and information on how to optimize for
AltiVec.    Check out, developer.apple.com/hardware/ve.  Particularly check
out the CHUD tools that we provide.  In addition we have a profiler for
OpenGL optimization.  Check out the OpenGL pages.   NAG fortran compilers
are now available for Mac OS X as are optimizers like VAST-F
http://www.psrv.com/altivecf.html.  Absoft's Fortran compiler also provides
optimization assistance.





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