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[ccp4bb]: maintain conformation of R3N(+)H in refmac

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Dear all,
I am refining a structure that contains an inhibitor featuring a R3N(+)H group 
(I am quite certain that the N is protonated). The problem is that I do not 
know how to tell refmac to keep the H whith the result that I get a flat R3N 
after refinement. The structure of the inhibitor is not in the standard 
library so I had to create my own description with the monomer library 
scetcher (where I used an energy minimised pdb of the inhibitor with Hs). 
what am I doing wrong? Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

Dirk Reinert           Universität Freiburg (FRG)
Institut für Organische Chemie und Biochemie
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