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[ccp4bb]: mtz export

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Dear CCP4,

I have an MTZ file that has the following columns:

 * Column Labels :
 * Column Types :
 H H H F F P

I want to export this to a 6-Column ASCII file. When using the GUI for
'Convert from MTZ' (mtz2various) the resulting ASCII file is missing the
phases. I tried running a command script but I don't think I understand
the column label/program label/filehandle argument for LABIN.

Any help greatly appreciated,

Richard Baxter

On Mon, 17 Feb 2003 ernst@UTBC08.CM.UTEXAS.EDU wrote:

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> > " Dusan Turk's excellent model building, averaging and refinement
> program
> > MAIN has been compiled on OSX. More information can be obtained from
> the
> > official homepage: http://www-bmb.ijs.si/ (including instructions on
> how
> > to download free academic versions).  "
> >
> > when I read the academic license I see
> >
> > " license fee (800 EURO for Europe and 1000 USD for rest of world) "
> >
> > is this the product is free but you must pay a modest shipping and
> handling fee
> > ploy that the TV evangelists use?
> >
> > Steve Ernst
> >
> Dear Steve Ernst,
> please read the MAIN-page
> (http://wwwbmb.ijs.si/doc/license/license.html)
> carefully, big red letters are telling you
> "Individuals, academic and non-profit organizations need no license"
> and bellow "The executables can be used freely by academic and
> non-profit organizations and individuals....If there is a wish to
> support MAIN project also financially then the license fee business
> should be carried out."
> So everbody should feel free to test/use this excellent program, whichis probably the number one choice for most people who used it once.
> Executables are available for several platforms including Linux, IRIX
> and as Jan mentioned OSX.
> Hope you think about a clarifying email to the CCP4-newsgroup.
> Best regards,
> xxxx xxxxx
> My reply.  Sorry that my comment has stirred such cries of rightious indignation and,
> my final word on the subject.
> >"Individuals, academic and non-profit organizations need no license"
> This is a comment, not part of a signed and binding software contract.
> The ....license/lic_academic.text  version of the license (admittedly only
> a "suggested" contract) reiterates the quoted license fee (see above)
> and states that the license is valid when upon the signiture of both
> parties and the payment of the fee "if not otherwide agreed".  Let me say that
> I don't know Dusan Turk and certainly am not accusing him of bait and switch
> tactics; that was never my intention.  However, unless the "free to non-profit
> organizations" is present in the contract to be sent and signed it seems to
> me that using the software is legally an act of software piracy and the
> non-profit organization could be held liable regardless of the authors
> intentions.   Here at the Univ. of Texas the administration has been quite
> adament in their condemnation pirated software.  I think the real issue
> is not "would they sue" (I do not think they would) but IS "could they sue"
> My apologies if GW sends troops to Slovenia over this matter. Are the Brits on
> our side if he does?
> Looking for my duct tape,
> Steve Ernst