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[ccp4bb]: DynDom webserver and Database

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As some of you may know the program DynDom, available from CCP4, 
analyses the conformational difference between two protein 
structures in terms of domains, hinge axes, and bending regions. 

Now you can run DynDom at a webserver to be found at:


You can upload files in PDB format containing recently solved structures
for analysis.  Results will be presented at your browser. You can 
also download a RasMol script file for viewing 
locally. If files are uploaded then rest assured 
that all files and results will be deleted from the server 
after you have finished.  
At present the program only works on single chains with 
all backbone atoms present. Equivalent residues between 
two chains are determined by sequence alignment and the 
chains must have at least 40% sequence identity for 
the analysis to proceed. 
A database of previous successful
 DynDom runs from the current 
CDROM release of the PDB is also available to view 
from the site. You can help us populate this database 
by running DynDom on structures from the PDB that you 
think reveal a domain motion.


Steven Hayward and Richard Lee.  

Dr Steven Hayward

School of Information Systems and School of Biological Sciences
University of East Anglia

tel: 01603-593542
fax: 01603-593345
e-mail: sjh@sys.uea.ac.uk