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Dear all,

For my crystal, DENZO give the space group P212121. However, although I have tried my best, the R (and Rfree) given by the MR solution and the following refinement are too high. There are many things in the whole structure solving procedure I should oppugn, but first of all I suspect that there may be something wrong with my diffraction data. Is it possible that P212121 is not the real/true space group due to merohedral twinning or pseudo-symmetry? Could anybody tell me how to get the answer about this? 

Some details of the data:
space group: P212121
diffraction resolution: 2 angstrom 
I/σtotal/outmost: 23.5 / 6.1
Rmergetotal / outmost: 0.056 / 0.129
completeness (total / outmost): 95.1% / 88.9 %
mol/ASU: 1
Reflections(total/ independent): 108,487/12,583

Thank you!
        Rainbow Yun