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[ccp4bb]: DDQ program under linux

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Dear all,

    Has anyone succesfully compiled the DDQ (difference density quality)
program under linux ? I got the code; several syntax problems arose at
trying to compile with g77. Dr. Focco Van Der Akker told me it should
compile under an sgi (with its compilers) and had not any version to compile
under linux, anyway, allowed me to ask for it at this bb. Please, answer me
privately whether you have already changed this syntax or knows of another
(free) compiler which could do the job under linux (otherwise, possibly I
will have to spend some hours trying to change it...).

Prof. Jorge Iulek, Ph. D.
Protein Purification and 3D Structure Determination Group
Department of Chemistry
Biotechnology Center
State University of Ponta Grossa - PR

Office phone: ++ 55 (42) 220-3062
Home phone  : ++ 55 (42) 224-6182
Fax  : ++ 55 (42) 220-3342

e-mail: iulek@interponta.com.br