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[ccp4bb]: Traing



Dear All,


I am working on a structure  with cell parameters,

127.388   140.129   160.692    90.000    91.262    90.000 p21 



when I tried to run Traing I got the following error.


>> trando << increase TRAING_NR(1+ TRAING_MEQ) +TRAING_MT:  Required1485318322 Set   2700000


 AMORE:  Reset TRAING_MT - etc

 Times: User:       2.0s System:    0.2s Elapsed:    0:02


After I set the parameters (TRAING_NR = 2700000) I am getting  the following error.


Memory allocation (logical name, elements):

 TRAING_NR       2700000

 TRAING_MEQ       700000

 TRAING_MRT      2000000

 TRAING_MT       2000000

 TRAING_MR       1000000


 Last system error message:

 Resource temporarily unavailable

 AMORE:  CCPALC: can't allocate memory

 Times: User:       0.1s System:    0.0s Elapsed:    0:00



Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance



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