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Re: [ccp4bb]: License required for deposited structures!

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On Tuesday 01 April 2003 10:54, Gerard DVD Kleywegt wrote:
> can you give examples of cases where this really is a problem ? the only
> example i can think of is software that generates GIF images - so you
> don't use GIFs, you use PNGs instead. but what patented software
> (components) would you want to use in crystallographic software ?

The "marching-cubes" algorithm for contouring a 3D  map is also subject
to a patent claim - very much a parallel case to the claimed LZW patent
entanglement in GIF and TIFF images.  The LZW patent claim expires in
June, by the way.  It remains to see whether the open source image
libraries will go back to supporting it.

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