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What is BALBES for

BALBES is a system for solving protein structures using x-ray crystallographic data. Molecular Replacement(MR) is its core scientific method. BALBES aims to integrate all components, necessary for finding a solution structure by MR, into one system. It consists of a database, scientific programs and a python pipeline. The system is automated so that it needs no user's intervention when running complicated combination of jobs such as model searching, molecular replacement and refinement.

Download BALBES

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How to install BALBES

    Perequisites for BALBES: You need to install CCP4 suite before installing BALBES

    Instruction for installation

How to use BALBES

    Read BALBES manual

BALBES References

    Please cite the following paper in any publication arising from use of BALBES

    F.Long, A.Vagin, P.Young and G.N.Murshudov "BALBES: a Molecular Replacement Pipeline " Acta Cryst. D64 125-132(2008)

The development of BALBES is funded by BIOXHIT, BBSRC and WELLCOME trust.