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For questions please contact Bernhard (dot) Lohkamp (at) ki (dot) se

WinCoot- available now


What is WinCoot?

WinCoot is a build of Coot (using MinGW and GTK) which runs native under Windows (without cygwin emulation). Almost all Coot functions are working. I provide binaries with an installer and you can get it from the download page. Or just have a look at a screenshot or another one or even another one.

WinCoot screen shot

Any known problems?

WinCoot might crash on you unexpectedly (like a lot of other Windows programs...), but WinCoot was tested successfully on Windows XP, Vista, (Windows 7,) WinNT and Win2000. There is some known bugs, see here.
For the usual coot FAQs see Paul's page.

Which Coot version do I get?

WinCoot is now up to date with 'normal' coot. That means you can even get the latest developer versions (nightly builds) from here. [If this doesnt work there is a mirror available here (Thanks Kay).]

How fast/slow can I expect it to be?

Here is some Windows Coot benchmarks (please be aware that it depends on the graphics card as well as various other factors not mentioned here):

3 GHz, 2GB RAM ~700

2 GHz, 512MB RAM ~75

Win 2000
1 GHz, 256 MB RAM ~7.5
3 GHz, 1 GB RAM

Win 2000
1 GHz, 256 MB RAM

N.B. This some 'standard' setting I use for testing and can be 'speeded' up by customising your setting! Furthermore I personally couldn't use the full openGL acceleration on my old laptop computer for WinCoot (Win 2000 benchmark). So expect it to be much faster... (as can be seen already...)

How does the scripting work?

As default WinCoot comes with Python scripting (in contrast to 'normal' Coot which defaults to scheme/guile scripting) . For more information see here.

What is CygCoot (discontinued)?

CygCoot is Coot for cygwin under Windows. There is no differences to 'normal' Coot (yet). It can be compiled in the cygwin environment. If you really want you can get an autobuild script from me. Installation instructions can be found here. A warning is given: unless you have a fast processor I recommend not to bother to install it since it will be hardly workable (at least if you are as impatient as me). And another one: since WinCoot is workable now I most unlikely continue with too many (or any at all) updates on CygCoot unless there is an incredible demand...

Note to self: This is an old backup page. Lost last one. Maybe need some update...
Last modified 17/05/2013