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Hi all,

looking for water positions with  ARP I encountered an error generated

 SFALL:   ** Your hkl data must be resorted with l>= 0 to fit this
spacegroup  - See documentation***

The data are R3, reduced/processed with MOSFLM/CCP4 programs. The
dataset contains indices with h>=0, k>=0, l=all l, with _no_ 00l<0

The limits of hkl are reported in the SFALL documentation as:
P3/R3       h k l : h >= 0, k > 0,  0 0 l : l > 0

O.k., I tried CAD out of curiosness to generate a dataset a bit more
consistent to SFALL (no, same error).
Also, UNIQUE gives a dummy dataset with h>=0, k>=0 and l=all l and

Now I am somewhat confused, what's the proper asymmetric unit for R3 in
I worked around it by using P1 (thanks to our generous RAM armament) but
I doubt if it's that elegant... 

Cheers    Thomas