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OOPS ... (Was: "Phase problem Solved !!!")

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The Uppsala Software factory wishes it to be known
that phase problem has not been solved quite yet.
Eric Fauman detected a bug in the APRIL program
(announced here yesterday), the effect of which
was that, no matter what the input, the result
was always lysozyme phases.  (We have therefore
donated the APRIL source code to Brian Matthews'
lab since they may be interested in further
development of the program.)

For a full account of this story, including dozens
of reactions from fellow crystallographers, AND
the output of APRIL that Fauman presented as proof
of the bug can be found on the web at URL:


The Board of Directors of the Uppsala Software
Factory wishes to apologise for any inconvenience
their actions may have caused.  The company's
CEO has been fired and will not be allowed
anywhere near a keyboard in the future.
Over the next 364 days, all our efforts will
go into the development of our new program
that calculates the 3D structure of a protein,
given its amino-acid sequence !


Sir Clive Sinclair
President and interim CEO
Uppsala Software Factory