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Re: [ccp4bb]: How to superimpose one n2c & another c2n

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if you have O, there's an (OMAC) macro called reverse_chain.omac
that will invert the chain direction of part or all of your
protein molecule. apply it to either one of your proteins
(but not both, obviously), and then align the reversed
one with the (unreversed) other protein using your favourite
superpositioning program (O, or LSQKAB, or LSQMAN - see
http://xray.bmc.uu.se/usf/dejavu.html for the latter)


(if anyone needs a french translation of the above ...
tough luck)

> I find Ca trace of two proteins are similar, but in different N-termal,
> C-terminal direction, like one from residue id 200 to 300 but another 500
> to 400 in same topology. How can I superimpose that, is there any example?
> Many thanks.
> Merak Zhang

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