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[ccp4bb]: AMORE locked rotation function

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As readers of this mailing list will probably be aware, there are some
problems with the locked rotation function of AMORE.

Two main problems have been identified:

1. Although the documentation specifies the locked rotations as Polar
angles, in fact the program expects the Eulerian equivalents. 

2. There is a misprint in generating polar angles for self rotations - a
square root was omitted in the code. 

A fixed version of the program can be obtained from the prerelease area
on the Daresbury ftp server (ftp:ccp4a.dl.ac.uk/pub/ccp4/prerelease) as

This fixed version features another change to the original released
version - it now sorts the rotation function output on the chosen
target, which should result in improved solutions. 

Please send any bug reports etc to ccp4@dl.ac.uk.


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