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[ccp4bb]: fft, sfall spacegroup

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Dear CCP4 users,

I am having a problem to get fft maps to work with sfall (in the use of
solomon).  The crystal space group is C222.  Initially, neither fftspace
group nor sfsg was set, using program default.  I get error message in sfall
"fatal disagreement between input info and map header".  Then I changed fft
to fftbig and also used fftspacegroup P1 and in sfall set SFSG to 1.  I get
the same error.  Inspection of the log file seems to indicate that the map
asu does not match what sfall expects.  The log file from fftbig shows that
the map limits are (0-0.5, 0-0.25, 0-0.5).  Forcing the whole map out in fft
by xyzlimit did not help as map coming out of solomon is reduced.  Using
spacegroup 1018 for both FFTSPG and SFSG did not help either.  Could someone
suggest a way to get fft to work smoothly with solomon and sfall in this


Yong Wang