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[ccp4bb]: summary: SeMet in yeast

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Relating to the question 'SeMet protein production in Yeast', I received
actually more questions for a summary
than real shared experience (maybe not used so often in the labs...).
Here are some elements pointed out in the messages I received:

    - 2 readings were proposed:
John J Bellizzi III, Joanne Widom, Christopher W Kemp, Jon Clardy
      Structure 1999, 7:R263-R267 [Se-Met in baculovirus]
"Crystallization of Nucleic Acids and Proteins, 2nd edition IRL Press",
chapter on SeMet.

    - alexander Pautsch said he has used S.pombe system + pEST
expression plasmid
from stratagen for Se-Met protein production. Protein induction being
through a medium exchange to minimal medium (same approach as in
Baculo.. see
first ref.)

Thanks for your answers
Stephanie Monaco-Malbet
 ESRF, PluO F 211, BP220, F38043 Grenoble cedex
 Phone: +33- 04 76 88 28 73
 e-mail : monaco@esrf.fr