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Re: [ccp4bb]: Cryocrystallography Tools?

Dear all,

 Everybody who has dealt with crystals, specially during beamline time, knows what is NOT to have a good set of tools to gently
deal with crystals resulting from months of hard work.
 Since Mr Kostreva is asking something related, I think it's a good time to announce that at the Brazilian Synchrotron
Laboratory we had the opportunity to design and build microtools for protein crystals, which fit better to crystals dimensions
than Hampton's tools, for instance. They are not in final version yet, for we have not fully tested them. Its usefullness will
highly depend on design sugestions as well. I attach one picture of a loop built here.

Best regards,
Jose Brandao

Dirk Kostrewa wrote:

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> Dear colleagues of the CCP4BB club,
> I've got another non-CCP4 related question which could be of some more
> general interest:
> in the near future I have to decide which commercial cryocrystallography
> tools to buy for a new protein crystallography group at the Paul
> Scherrer Institute. I would like to benefit from your experiences with
> such cryo-tools (as from Hampton Research or from Molecular Dimensions
> Ltd., or from ???) With which loops, vessels, tongs have you made good
> experiences? How easy is the handling? Did you compare different systems
> on your own? How neccessary is it to work with a goniometer head with a
> long arc? Or to put this question the other way around - does a
> cryo-system exist where you can safely mount cryo-cooled crystals on a
> goniometer head oriented horizontally (as for instance on the MAR
> goniostat)?
> You would help me even if you could contribute your experience for one
> question!
> As has become good practice in the recent past, I will post a summary of
> your replies after a couple of days on the CCP4BB.
> Thanks a lot in advance for your help!
> Best regards to all of you,
> Dirk Kostrewa.
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