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[ccp4bb]: License change for fffear, dm, dmmulti, maputils

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Pending legal analysis of the UCITA legislation currently under
consideration in many US states, I am changing the license terms on
the following applications:


The new license is as follows:

    This code is distributed under the terms and conditions of the
    CCP4 licence agreement as `Part ii)' software with the following

    If any local or global legislation renders the 'No Warranty'
    clause illegal or reduces the scope of its content and protection
    for author(s) in any way, then this whole license shall be null
    and void, i.e. you may not copy, install any software provided
    under this license, and any such action will be a breach of
    the author's copyright.

Thus, installation and use of the software mentioned will be illegal
in any state which passes the UCITA legislation.

If the UCITA legislation allows the 'No Warranty' clause to be binding
in the case where a license is signed and returned, then affected
sites may sign a copy of the license and send me a copy. You should
probably have sent Daresbury a signed license anyway.

The UCITA legislation is currently being considered in Virgina,
Maryland, California and Oklahoma, with other states to follow.
I encourage affected users to contact their representatives to
highlight the problems with this legislation.
More details are available at: http://linuxtoday.com/stories/15948.html

I strongly advise other crystallographic software developers to
examine this legislation and how it affects their licenses.